Dr. Kendall Lamkey, department chair, teaching his senior level class


We strive to provide our students a flexible curriculum with a solid foundation in science that gives them a well-rounded understanding of agronomy concepts and hands-on field experience. A combination that makes them very appealing job candidates.


Employers want leaders and we want to provide them. Our Leadership requirement gives student a chance to practice the skills required by employers of our graduates.

Our goal for students:

  • Articulate the mission and vision
  • Share information with their team
  • Set expectations
  • Foster an environment of collaboration, openness and facilitate relationships with team members
  • Delegate tasks based on individual strengths
  • Be responsible and accountable
  • Students can fulfill the requirement either by participating in a leadership role or by taking a course that has the subject of leadership as one of the primary course objectives.


Real life experience. Students find a job for six months or the equivalent where they can apply agronomic principles they have learned in the classroom.

Internship opportunities

  • Cooperatives
  • Seed companies
  • Chemical companies
  • Crop consulting firms
  • Farmers
  • Government agencies
  • Research projects

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