Working Areas

Application and development of tools and methods provided by genome analysis to understand composition of complex traits and phenomena, to determine and exploit genetic diversity in elite and exotic germplasm, and apply this knowledge to plant breeding, with crop focus on maize and perennial grasses.

The four main research areas are:

  • Accelerating breeding with focus on doubled haploid technology and application
  • Characterization and utilization of genetic resources: collaboration with GEM program
  • Abiotic and biotic stress tolerance: potyvirus resistance and NUE in maize
  • Reproductive biology with focus on self-fertility in ryegrass

Contact Information

Thomas Lubberstedt

Professor and K.J. Frey Chair, Director, R.F. Baker Center for Plant Breeding

Office: 1204 Agronomy Hall
Phone: 515-294-5356
Email: thomasl@iastate.edu