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World hunger. The environment.
Sustainability. Bioenergy. Water quality.

Agronomists are changing the world!

Students. Faculty. Staff. Collaborators.

Department? Family.

We are over 300 people strong but you would never know it. 

Learning Communities

Your first hands-on experience will happen before classes even start. The incoming freshman class tours a farm, business or natural area to learn what agronomy is all about. More importantly it gives new students a chance to meet other students they'll see in class on Monday.

Using GIS/GPS with industry trials at DuPont Pioneer

October 20, 2017

Josh Behnke is a Senior in Agronomy

He has been an Agronomy Club member for 3 years

This summer, Josh was located in Northeast Iowa, based out of Dubuque for DuPont Pioneer. His title was Northeast Iowa Agronomy Sales Intern; he worked with the “Pioneer field agronomists to help with service calls, population trials, new product plot evaluations/data as well as customer and sales rep relations”.


A summer with the Iowa Soybean Association - Adam Guy

October 20, 2017

Adam Guy is a Senior in Agronomy with a minor in Agricultural Business

Adam has been heavily involved with Agronomy Club. He is currently serving as the club’s treasurer. In the past served as our CALS council representative and social chair. He has helped at popcorn and doughnut sales, 4-H experience agronomy and attending fun club social events. 


Feucht spends his summer as an agronomy intern for DuPont Pioneer

October 20, 2017

Daniel Feucht is a Senior in Agronomy.

Daniel has been an Agronomy Club member for two years.

This past summer, Daniel worked for DuPont Pioneer as an agronomy intern covering Northern Illinois. He started out his summer with the responsibility of crop scouting plots.


Agronomy is focused on new and improved ways of agriculture. New methods of conservation. Improved soil health. New approaches to bioenergy. Improved water quality. Advanced genetic traits. The end goal is producing food, fuel and fiber in a more efficient and economical way for the benefit of people and the environment around the world.

We are applying science to advance crop production systems while protecting and improving air, soil and water quality.

New course Agronomy 279 gives students hands on experience

September 22, 2017

A new class is requiring agronomy students to give up part of their summer. While it might sound like a bummer, they are looking forward to it. Dubbed Agronomy 279, the new class is one sophomores majoring in Agronomy will have to take to graduate. The class will meet for the first time during the fall 2017 semester. The catch? Their first class will be Aug. 7, according to the agronomy department.


Internship with the Iowa Soybean Association: Adam Guy

September 8, 2017

Adam Guy is a Senior in Agronomy with a minor in Agricultural Business. This summer, Adam worked for the Iowa Soybean Association located in Ankeny, Iowa. Adam has been working on collecting data for soybean cyst nematode, cover crops, row spacing and corn root worm fields studies.


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